M Series

Visual Inspection Tooling

VI3D Systems

Universal Inspection Tool

The EdgeSpec 3D has an assortment of different tools to provide a fast and intuitive means of assessing the scanned object​

Solution Specifications can vary based on customer requirements

EdgeSpec M1‐95‐165‐BD
High Resolution HD Camera
Diameter : 95mm (3 3/4in)
Working Range : 150mm to 400mm
Length : 165mm (6 1/2in)
Variable lighting control
Maximum Cable Length is 30ft

This solution takes into account that customer driven applications generally have specific requirements. The EdgeSpec M series is designed to be a universal inspection tool. Given its minimal space requirements the scanner can easily be incorporated into any new tooling manipulator without the need for any formal integration. The system requires no calibration and can simply be place on any manipulator of choice to begin scanning.

Individual scans can be combined automatically to create a larger area scan of any space with our proprietary algorithms.

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