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EdgeSpec S Series
EdgeSpec S Series

Visual Inspection Tooling With a Difference

VI3DLabs has developed a new core technology for the purpose of remotely scanning objects and surfaces in hazardous work environments and confined spaces.

We combined visual data and laser profiles with objective analysis tools that result in more conclusive findings. Our solution is easily expandable to conclude additional sensors for more customized applications. The EdgeSpec system requires no outside calibration or references such as stickers or monitoring cameras to maintain accuracy and repeatability.

EdgeSpec data can be easily imported to any array of inspection analysis tooling such as Geomagic and Spatial Analyzer.

Visual Inspection Tool
Concept to Design

The EdgeSpec 3D system combines several different technologies along with our proprietary positional tracking system that allows for the system to take on any number of customized form factors without impacting the sub-millimeter accuracy and repeatability.

The EdgeSpec software solution provides fast and easy access to your data and results.

EdgeSpec 3D System
EdgeSpec S Series
Simple Execution to Achieve Solid Results

Ease of assembly and scan execution increases the confidence in the completion and accuracy of the results.

VI3D Solution

The EdgeSpec M Series

EdgeSpec M Series

Increase productivity with the EdgeSpec M Series, the first high resolution scanning system with no need for external references, stickers or calibrations.

EdgeSpec R Series

The EdgeSpec R series scanner can easily be mounted on any manipulator. There are no system integration requirements and it can be used to acquire inspection data over large areas.

EdgeSpec R Series

Edge Spec 3D

VI3D Labs Software Platforms

The EdgeSpec 3D has an assortment of different tools to provide a fast and intuitive means of assessing the scanned object​

3D Viewer

Our 3D viewer allows the operator to view and measure the object in a virtual environment​

VI3D Software 3D
3D Solution Capabilities

Repeatability, Accuracy, and Historic Comparison

The EdgeSpec 3D solution provides and maintains a high level of sub-milimeter accuracy.

Combines all of the acquired data streams to compile the final 3D point cloud.

The EdgeSpec 3D has an assortment of different tools to provide a fast and intuitive means of assessing the scanned object​

VI3D Software 2D

2D Solution Capabilites

Our 2D viewer allows the operator to immediately begin analyzing the acquired image and profile data, providing them with a platform to make measurements, identify areas of interest and export findings for reporting purposes as well as creating a database to track areas of interest for historical comparisons.​

VI3D Labs
Custom Applications
Preliminary Remote Scanner Concept for Nuclear Steam Generator

An initial concept for a remote scanner to be used for lifecycle studies in the maintenance of nuclear steam generators

As we finalize our system, we look forward to opportunities to discuss custom solutions to assist with your visual inspection challenges.